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What is Inferno Cat?

Inferno Cat is an independent small business run by Rachel and Sarah – a nerdy, married couple. They love video games, Pokemon, otaku culture , other assorted geekery, and of course, cats.

Where do you ship from?

Inferno Cat is located in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada: About 1 hour west of Toronto, and 1 hour east of London.

Who designed your logo?

Our fire-type kitten was designed by Crow. You can check out their work at

Where do you get your products?

We purchase all of our goods directly from Japan through reliable suppliers. We guarantee that all of our products are authentically licensed. We are not affiliated with Pokemon, Game Freak, or Nintendo.

Why Banpresto plush, as opposed to Pokemon Center/Tomy brands?

We prefer to bring in the Banpresto plush for a number of reasons. The main ones being that there’s a much wider variety of characters available, and at lower prices than their Pokecenter equivalents.

Can you get me a specific game/toy/plush?

While we can certainly take suggestions on what to carry, we do not currently have a system in place for personal requests.

Do you have a store I can visit?

Inferno Cat only sells online, and at conventions throughout Ontario. Check out our home page for where we will be attending next!

Can you come to a convention near me?

We’d certainly consider it! Drop us a line and we’ll check it out.

How can I contact you?

Fill out the form below with your question and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

We are also a member of the Pokemon LiveJournal Collector’s Community and our feedback can be found here.